Mini Review: Fallstar, Backdraft



There is a lot of metalcore out there, however finding bands that balance brutality with a fun melody is quite a rare find. Facedown act, Fallstar, on the other hand, are one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever heard.

The record begins with the rousing intro that is “Malbec Blood,” which then transitions into my personal favourite, “Shallow Believer.” Instantly the heart starts racing, the blood starts flowing, and the biggest grin lands itself on your face as you nod your head to the sound of the call to love and pray for those who are lost and wandering.

The entire album is deliciously diverse, with elements ranging from death metal, all the way to hip/hop and rap in “Alexandria 363,” to spoken verse. The vocals range from harsh growls, to high shrieks, to the brilliant cleans which are some of the best I’ve heard. A good deal of metalcore bands tend to throw a chorus of clean vocals to allow room for a melody, a break from the chugging, however a lot of times these tend to force the song to a halt and it ends up losing a lot of its momentum. That’s not the case with this album, as most times the cleans not only keep the momentum going, they enhance it. “The Valley,” is a perfect example of a clean chorus done right.

It’s albums like this that make me realize why I love metal. The enjoyment received is through the roof, and the replay value is staggering. Each song is just so much fun to listen to, and when the energy breaks the needle and leaves you breathless (as with the 1 minute bite of a song that is, “Eclipse”) it leaves you panting for more. If I had to draw a negative however, it would probably be with the song, “The New World.” It’s far from a bland song overall, however the chorus in this one is not that interesting musically speaking.

This album comes highly recommend for those who love metal, and even if you’re not fond of the genre, you’re sure to still find enjoyment in its blistering, youthful energy.


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