Mini-review: Hiraeth


For me, post-rock is the quintessential cold-weather soundtrack. It gets me inspired and pumped and relaxed somehow all at once. Even without words, post-rock resonates at a deep level with me due to the excellence and artfulness of the instrumentation. My latest discovery in this genre has been Virginia band Shy, Low.

Hiraeth is their sophomore full-length and their sophomore release on Seattle record label Spartan Records (home of NYVES). Shy, Low is a master of atmosphere and of creating long tracks that don’t seem too long. Though there is a certain repetitive nature of post-rock arrangements, Shy, Low does well at making each listen and each moment seem fresh. The first side of the record showcases the band’s grittier post-metal leanings, while the second side highlights ambiance and subtleties over bombast; the two halves balance each other nearly perfectly. Hiraeth is a post-rock masterpiece and a beauty of a record. It’s a captivating and interesting album that takes the listener on a journey to unexpected sonic settings.

Check out Shy, Low at the following links.

Facebook | Official Website | Twitter

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