Mini-review: III

In his third release, Atlanta beat master AyOh creates a sort of futuristic elevator music, which really isn’t the bad thing it sounds like.  

In the year 2030, this is what Muzak will sound like.  In this forthcoming age, the attention span of the general populace will have shrunken to the point where the EP closer “..But Surely” (the longest track of the release, clocking in at three and a half minutes) will be a sprawling epic.  Their senses will be so dulled from information and musical overload that tracks like the two-faced “Drift” won’t even raise an eyebrow.

And yet, listeners of III in the year 2030 (should the Internet be so gracious as not to completely eclipse it with other content) will feel a sense of familiarity in the choice of sampling — a familiarity that takes them back to being dragged into the mall by their parents.  Particularly in the three-track opening suite (“You’re Not Dreaming,” “DRM,” and “II”), there are elements that seem to directly reference generic department background music while adding fresh layers of electronic beats.

In III, AyOh creates a conflict of immediacy and looking both forward and backward with its coexistent nostalgia and progressive experimentation.  In one moment: the past.  In the next: the future.  All these moments rush by in a seamless flow, which can be a bit overwhelming.  This is why the EP, like Muzak, is probably best left playing in the background.  However, should a listener take the time to analyze the intricacies and inner workings of the release, they will find that it isn’t as haphazard as it appears on the surface.

Sure, III by AyOh probably won’t actually last until 2030; but it wants us to think that we’re already there, while still keeping a foot in history and the musical present.

III can be downloaded and streamed below.  On my main blog, WE\ARE\MIRRORS, I reviewed another release titled III.  You can find it here.

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