Five Albums I’m Currently Spinning: The Killers, Propaganda, and More.

Anyone who knows me know my playlist is always a little eclectic. One minute you could be swept away by the lush sounds of “Fall At Your Feet” by Crowded House, the next you could be stomping along with the southern rock goodness of Third Day’s “Gather Round Now.” While I’d hate to gush over my ever interesting tastes of music, I thought I’d quickly share what album’s I’ve been spinning the last few days in no particular order.

5. Propaganda, Crooked.

Propaganda has never failed to produce content that is both theologically rich and deeply convicting. His music has challenged me to the point of feeling a little uncomfortable, yet I cannot keep away. Crooked could very well be his best effort yet, showcasing creativity and lyricism that even rivals mainstream giant Kendrick Lamar. Crooked will shake you in the best way possible. As always you can download the album for free from Humble Beast or stream below.


4. Crowded House, Woodface.

With the exception of hits such as Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” and Bon Jovi’s “Living On a Prayer,” the 80s and early 90s have been mostly untouched from my end, which is a dear shame as some excellent music came out of that era. One example is the album Woodface by New Zealand’s Crowded House. Featuring biting commentary (“Chocolate Cake”), the beautiful ebbs and flows of a romantic relationship (“Fall At Your Feet”), and a cold realization of how complications and arguments within Christian theology can turn away sincere seekers outside (“There Goes God”). That everything is wrapped up in brilliant musicianship is just the icing on the cake.

3. The Killers, Sams Town.

Interest towards British pop/rock band The Killers has, for reasons I can’t quite pin down, evaded me. I enjoyed their singles “Mr. Brightside” and “Somebody Told Me” well enough, so what kept me from diving in? If I had to guess I’d say their newer material played a big part in turning me away, especially the cuts from Day and Age. With that said, their sophomore release, Sams Town, is a fantastic collection of pop/rock tunes mixed with a hint of Americana and arena rock.

2. Avion Roe, In Separation.

At the risk of swaying some away, In Separation is as melodramatic and emo as an album can get, and I love it. The music itself is rather thin at times, and the aggressive direction of a couple of these just doesn’t hit with the force they were aiming for (“Sin & Edicts” is especially of note), but these are generally strong tracks with a more than capable vocalist behind them. These guys put everything they have into every song here so whatever flaws come through are to be blamed more on inexperience than a lack of drive or creativity. You won’t see me separating myself from this one anytime soon.

1. Third Day, Revival.

For anyone who has listened to Christan music for any amount of time, Third Day needs no introduction. To sum it up for those who may be living under a rock (I kid, I kid), they’ve been around for over two decades and have made some of the best music in the industry. Revival is their thirteenth studio record and by golly is it a grand one. It’s the musical definition of a band getting together and playing the music they love to the God they love without a shred of obligation or weariness. It rocks hard and praises like an intimate revival gathering. Check this out as soon as you can.

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