Five Albums I’m Currently Spinning: Citizen, Weezer, and More.

It’s time for another look at five albums I’m really enjoying. There’s a good heaping of punk on the plate this time, but there’s also some Gospel and indie rock to shake things up a little. Like before these are ranked in no particular order.

5. Citizen: As You Please


While Citizen certainly impressed many with their debut full-length Youth, their sophomore effort, Everybody is Going to Heaven, wasn’t met with quite the same response, choosing to venture down a more jagged rock path than the emo direction heard before it. The band’s third record, As You Please, is thankfully a beautiful return to form. This is Indie Rock at its finest, honing in on a production that is smooth without ever sounding watered down. You’ll want to hear this one immediately.

4. Weezer: Pinkerton


Said by many to be Weezer’s best album, it’s an observation I find little ground to argue with. I’ve loved Weezer’s newer material (Everything Will Be Alright…. and White Album) and so far their earlier stuff has been just as good. Pinkterton stands out in their discography for a reason. It’s darker and rawer than its slick and poppier predecessor and that makes it all the more memorable. If you’re a fan you’ve probably already heard this one, but for those unfamiliar, it’s a great place to start.

3. Iron Chic: You Can’t Stay Here


If you’re a fan of massive punk anthems that shout youthful determination and perseverance then you’ll definitely fall head over heels for Iron Chic’s latest release. You Can’t Stay Here is one of the best punk albums of the year, and that’s saying something when it shares a year alongside Creeper and The Menzingers; and like After the Party before it, it’s a classic waiting to be realized. If you enjoy punk music to any extent you will want to spin this as soon as possible.

2. All Time Low: Don’t Panic


I wrote up a quick review of All Time Low’s Future Hearts a few weeks back and I mentioned this record’s favorable reputation among the band’s fanbase. Since I saw this record and Weezer’s Pinkerton in a bargain bin at JB HI-FI a few days ago I’ve been jamming them almost non-stop. Don’t Panic lives up to the hype and then some with its catchy hooks and boundless energy. It really is a fantastic pop-punk record and quite possibly among the best of the decade.

1. The Porter’s Gate: Work Songs Vol.1


Here’s a change of pace. One of my biggest issues with modern Christian music is that, despite being filled with Christian phrases and soundbites, it never sounds like Christian music. It never fills me with a sense of love for our Lord and His people. Enter Porter’s Gate, a collective of some of the best voices in Christian music (Audrey Assad and Josh Garrels, to name a few). Together they have crafted an awe-inspiring set of original hymns to inspire the church to come together to love and service the community. There’s no division or artificial inspiration here, just a group of people who love Jesus and desire nothing more than to spread that love to those who may not yet know it. This is the kind of music Christian music needs, and I’m so happy we may be on our way to hearing more. Needless to say, I’m anticipating Vol.2.

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