Song Highlight: Taylor Swift “Enchanted”

Can we talk about early Taylor Swift for a moment? After hearing the letdown that was Reputation last year I’ve been going through her back catalogue and so far I’ve been nothing short of impressed. Speak Now is an especially captivating record that almost perfectly melds her early twang with her more alternative pop/rock side. About every song on Speak Now has something to offer but “Enchanted” is the one I want to highlight here. (I would write out a full review of it but I’m currently working on something big for next week so I may do it at a later time).

I completely understand the disdain for Swift herself. The path she has gone down since 1989 (still a fantastic record, by the way) hasn’t been all that admirable. What I have a little more trouble understanding is the distaste for her music. What she does she does really well, you can’t fault her there. “Enchanted” is a brilliant, innocently romantic song with an utterly captivating build. The instrumental bridge following the second chorus is spectacular and the moment she begs “Please don’t be in love with someone else” is genuinely moving. If you’ve haven’t found anything of worth in her latest works give “Enchanted” a listen. And while you’re at it you might as well spin “Sparks Fly,” “Speak Now,” and “Haunted” as they are also great.

3 thoughts on “Song Highlight: Taylor Swift “Enchanted”

  1. Oh my gosh we have such similar musical tastes! “Speak Now” , “Mania”, and all of my Paramore albums are sitting on my shelf above me right now lol. Pleased to have found your blog. Absolutely adore “Enchanted.” I can imagine Taylor in this big ballroom meeting the guy in the beginning of the song.

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      1. That’s awesome to hear! I haven’t changed it yet but 1989 has recently become a 5-star record for me. Classic pop album. Speak Now would be second for me and believe it or not Reputation below that. Have really come around to that one recently despite my initially harsh review.


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