Chvrches: “Get Out” Reaction / Review

Synth-pop outfit, Chvrches, are preparing to release their upcoming record, Love Is Dead, later this year and we’ve been given an early taste with their latest single, “Get Out.” Despiting not getting to it until the year was over, I was a massive fan of 2015’s Every Open Eye. It was a musical gem of a record that contained a lyrical concept that masterfully dissolved into a subtle heartbreak. It has also only gotten better with time.

With this first taste of the upcoming record, the band hasn’t strayed too far from the style they do best. “Get Out” is an infectious jam of a song with a bouncy chorus and a gorgeous bridge to boot. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed with how little musical progress is on display here, but when the sound is executed this well, I can’t place too much weight there. Keeping in mind that this is only the first single slacks that criticism even more. Overall, “Get Out” is a great tune that leaves open the hope that this upcoming record will find the band branching out a little on its deeper cuts. As long as it doesn’t go too far because they pull off their sound so well.

(One last note, if you look at the top left in the video at 2:05 it seems Matt Berninger from The National makes a quick appearance!)


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