A Friend’s Request: What Separates Me From You

a_day_to_remember_-_what_separates_me_from_you_-2010I’m excited to begin a new category of reviews that I shall call A Friend’s Request. This is where a friend of mine requests an album for me to hear and write a short mini-review on. This week’s record was requested by my good friend over at It’s Music I Guess. There you can also read his review of my request to him: Moose Blood’s Blush. This week’s requested record is What Separates Me From You by melodic metalcore band, A Day To Remember. What did I think of it?

This is my first time listening to A Day To Remember and on this record I found them struggling to differentiate themselves from the sea of other metalcore bands such as The Amity Affliction and Asking Alexandria. What Separates…. largely leans into an aggressive pop/punk sound and when they fully commit to it they can pull it off quite well. The record’s biggest stumbling block comes in the form of imbalance. The band utilize the heavier aspect of their sound scarcely and the results are deficient and at times jarring (“2nd Sucks” edges close to terrible for this critic). It makes me wonder what the band could do if they dropped the metalcore approach altogether because it doesn’t add a single thing. When the heavier aspects are dropped there is a satisfying number of fun moments here. Songs like “All I Want,” “It’s Complicated,” “This Is The House That Doubt Built,” and “If I Leave” are where the record is at its best.

Overall, What Separates Me From You is only a slightly above average experience. It’s enjoyable enough to please fans but the genre has grown stale in my eyes and this hasn’t done much to change that.


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