Chvrches: My Enemy Reaction

Chvrches released the first single from their upcoming record, Love Is Dead, a month ago and they’re now following it up with a new track feat. The National’s Matt Berninger called “My Enemy.” As a huge fan of The National, I was of course excited about this pairing but also incredibly intrigued. Since 2010’s High Violet Matt’s music has been very sombre and delicate and whether this would mix well with Chvrches’s bouncy synth-pop was my biggest question. Unfortunately, “My Enemy” doesn’t try to mix the two well at all and instead plays it incredibly safe. The melody isn’t the least bit interesting and the vocals sound awfully flat. Chvrches’s have proven over and again that they can write memorable hooks but even after repeated listens I can barely recall this one (as opposed to the immediacy of “Get Out.”) It’s definitely put a damper on the upcoming record and I’m now uncertain that it’ll reach the same heights Every Open Eye did.




10 thoughts on “Chvrches: My Enemy Reaction

      1. The photo you put as the featured image for this post is the actual album cover. It looks sooooo tacky. I can’t image seeing it as a vinyl LP sleeve.

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  1. Oh man I don’t know how to say this, um…You know what I don’t actually mind this song that much, yes it could have been better, but I am very much of a comparing person, and I’m comparing this to the modern music and this song isn’t that bad considering. Now of course it is forgettable, like a lot of music that doesn’t sit at a 4/5 for me. But this song isn’t that bad personally. But that’s my opinion. Dab on them Haters Chvrches.

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    1. That’s cool, man! To be fair I’ve been a lot more stern with my ratings recently so don’t take it to mean I hate it. A 2.5 is slightly below average. It may grow on me in the context of the record but as a standalone, I’m not going to revisit it. If you haven’t make sure to spin Every Open Eye. Great record that one.

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  2. I love both these bands but can’t stand either of Chvrches two new songs. I’m half-guessing ‘Get Out’ is what Paramore sound like of which Mayberry seems obsessed. It’s like they’ve regressed to some Avril Lavigne like teenage vibe!

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    1. “Get Out” has some similarities to Paramore’s more recent material but not enough that it shadows their own identity. And yeah, so far I’m not a fan of this “edgy” teenage vibe they’re trying to go for here. I’ll see if the rest of the album can pull it off but my hopes aren’t high.


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