Album Review: The 1984 Draft’s Makes Good Choices

Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, The 1984 Draft is a new band for punk and rock fans to get excited about. Their spirited and infectious sound resembles the unbridled, summery punk of bands like Beach Slang, The Replacements, and Iron Chic. Their latest full-length effort, Makes Good Choices, is an effortlessly enjoyable culmination of everything the band has been working towards to this point, and with their garage rock sensibilities comes a warm and honest reflection on family and the highs of lows of being an independent artist.

It’s impossible not to crack a smile when “Jan Kowalski” opens the record with the sound of the lead singer’s five-year-old son singing about his favourite Planes character (my favourite character used to be Mike Wazowski from Monster’s Inc because his name was just so fun to say so I can relate!). From there the guitars rip through the speakers and the listener is thrown into the delightful 90s tinged rock the record excels at. Other highlights include the sunny “Miss Ohio,” a fond farewell and rumination of the band’s hometown, the beautifully emotional “Honest” and the power ballad “Red Dress.” Although there are definitely moments that stick out more than others the record is undeniably solid through and through.

The 1984 Draft has only been around for a few years but each release has only seen their craft getting better and better. Makes Good Choices is bound to become one of the best punk releases of the year and if you’re a fan of bands such as Beach Slang or The Menzingers you’d be doing your ears a massive favour by checking these guys out.

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