Mewithoutyou: [Untitled] Album Review

An album with no name sometimes tells more than one that does. [Untitled] is, as its chaotic artwork implies, a record with no focal point or thematic cohesion. Its ideas and concepts are sprawled across the canvas of a broken mind and conveyed through a varied array of characters (some real, some fictitious) and personalities just as insane. It feels like a complete experience, yet it ends as abruptly as it began, leaving an ambiguous question hanging in the dusty air. Such an unstable and violent record almost comes as no surprise for those who have closely followed mewithoutYou‘s prolific career up to this point. The band’s previous LP, Pale Horses, drew quite heavily from apocalyptic themes and the bleak existence that follows such a heartrending portrait. One only needs to hear “Rainbow Signs,” a painful lament on the loss of Aaron’s father that culminates into one of the most heartstopping moments of music in recent memory. [Untitled] can be interpreted as a harrowing look at the aftermath of the figurative nuclear strike that closed the previous record.

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